Syslog Watcher


Keep your network safe with a repository of error messages


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Syslog Watcher is a useful application to let you access a compilation of your syslog data directly from workstations and network devices.

The application uses network devices through UDP and TCP protocols and runs on IPv4 and IPv6 to log and store all your system data.

As the software creates its own log, you can gain access to any processed data you need in a very simple and detailed way.

The application has a central log, a repository that gathers all syslog data, facilitating access from wherever you are and helping you manage your networks.

Any error message will be picked up by this central log, which will make a detailed list of every failed process including when and why it happened, allowing you to improve your network security.

The best thing about this application is that, when an error is detected, a pop-up window notifies you of any malfunction going on at the time.

Last but not least, Syslog Watcher lets you set the time at which the logs will be generated in the central repository, just to make sure nothing is lost.

The types of errors can be sorted out by severity, time the message was received, or whatever other way allows you to most conveniently read the error log.
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